Digtor 21

  • The centrifuge Digtor 21 is a versatile device, allowing be present on routine labs, research, biotechnology, quality control, hospitals, etc.
  • It is provided of several advantages as:
    Innovation: with a TFT touch screen allowing operator the highest autonomy, controlling the separation, as well as a save energy system selectable.
    Versatility: since 4 x 750 ml, 52 conical tubes of 15 ml, rotor for microplates, microtubes,  and a wide range of adapters.
    Safety: always shown on screen real values of RCF, based on accessories selection, automatically, no data introduction is required. Accessories for bio containment.
    Efficiency: Max RCF 20.804 xg, selection of acceleration and braking time, depending of sample performances.
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